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+385( 0)21/717 630
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Nautical center d.o.o. , is a company founded by the authority of the town of Hvar in the year 2000. The goal of the founder was prosperity, preservation and control over the Hvar harbour as well as the Hvar territorial waters. It aimed to achieve good coordination between the town of Hvar, all users of the Hvar harbour as well as the visitors – tourists.

Nautical center Hvar, as the concessionaire of the town harbour and a company in charge of providing various services primarily to boaters will remain open to all suggestions which may be directed at our addresses.


Nautical properties of the Hvar harbour as well as its geomorphological position in the center of the Adriatic sea have always made this area an important factor in maritime traffic. Hvar is on the crossroads of major maritime routes in the Adriatic system confirmed by underwater archaeological findings. Hvar harbour was especially important in the Middle Ages, as seen on the most preserved coast in Europe dating back to 1554 with the monumental building of the Arsenal from 1611. This building also housed the first communal theatre in Europe from 1611



The tiny island Galešnik is situated on the entrance to Hvar harbour, defending it from the waves. Its name was probably obtained from Galeša Slavogost, a noble who started the revolution against the Venetian authorities in 1310. In the past it had a strategic importance for defense as well as attack on the town. In 1806 Russians placed cannons there and launched an attack on the town. A military-maritime fort was erected in 1831. After a maritime victory over Vis in 1868 the island was demilitarized and used as a quarantine hospital of the Hvar harbour. In 1936 it becomes a prison, and in 1960s the buildings on the island become tourist facilities (restorant and disco club). In 2005 it was remodelled as an Eco-etno island.