Restaurant Galešnik - Hvar


Nautical center Hvar

Street and house number:

Fabrika b.b.

Postal number and town:

21450 Hvar

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Phone number:
+385 (0)21/717 630
+385 (0)21/717 630
Mobile phone:
+385 (0)91/928 1847


Galešnik, an eco-etno island is an ideal place for a romantic dinner or spending enjoyable moments  in good company with premium gastronomical delicacies and excellent wine.

If peace, quiet, nature and sky blue sea is the surrounding in which you wish to experience the hedonistic climax of your Hvar experience then Galešnik is a place you simply cannot miss.

The tiny island of Galešnik offers the perfect fusion of the traditional and modern: traditional decorum, but with the comfort of modern living. This is the right combination for you to feel comfortable and uninhibited at the same time. Mere three hundred meters from the Hvar riva Galešnik is a place from which to observe the full glamour and exuberance of the Hvar night life while being protected from the crowd, looks from curious passer-bys and the paparazzi.

The accommodating staff of the Hvar Nautical Center will make sure you reach the island quickly, comfortably and safely. They will design and organize your stay on the island according to your wishes, weather it is a romantic dinner for two, a business meeting or a group of people looking for a good time.

The nature and the view shown only in high budget TV commercials are here a reality.

Picture it once more before making it happen: sea, snow white rock and pine forests, add first class fresh fish prepared following the traditional recipes and to top it all up a selection of some of the ultimate wines from the island of Hvar. Now that is Galešnik!




Transportation to the island provides a "NAUTICAL CENTER HVAR" Luka Hvar. For all information please contact the office of the Port Authority on the Hvar waterfront or at +385 (0) 91-928-1847

Our Offer:

  • Traditional breakfast with the sunrise
  • Morning exercise in eco-park
  • Understanding the history and tradition of the town Hvar
  • Tasting of traditional dishes
  • All-day stay on the island Ethno Eco
  • Transportation provided