Be active, be Hvar!












Be active - be Hvar!

If you don't want to waste your vacation by dallying on the beach, the island Hvar is the perfect destination for you. Rich and diverse offer will satisfy both those looking for light recreation and the most demanding ones seeking extra excitement.


Hvar will definitely enchant all fans of hiking and intact nature. Old goat trails will lead you to highest peaks of the island from where you can enjoy the view of nearby islands and the blue expanse. Hiking on Hvar is an experience for all your senses, especially smell. The island is abundant in different plants and herbs which bloom throughout the year but still best known for lavender and rosemary which not so long ago meant life to the inhabitants.

The ones bit lazier or out of shape who wish to explore hidden corners of the island Hvar will choose an off-road tour that will take them to places unreachable by normal cars or taxis. An air conditioned SUV will take you through lavender fields and vineyards to the most secluded corners and sleeping abandoned villages. Tour guides will provide interesting details about the island history since the time of the first Greek settlers, ancient Romans and Illyrs, about how Croatians inhabited this area and about times of the Venetian authority over this region when Hvar was the most important port on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. After lunch, prepared under a ''peka'' (food is placed in a shallow pot and then covered by an iron bell) you can seek refreshment in crystal clear sea in one of the hidden coves.


An ideal choice for those wishing to spend a day at sea is sailing. An experienced skipper will introduce you to numerous coves of the Paklinski archipelago and the nearby island Vis. While those seeking rest and sunbathing can relax on the sun deck of the sailboat, the more curious ones can take a dive in the beautiful deep blue sea. As the sun slowly sets into the sea, carried by light breeze you will sail into the Hvar port welcomed by a multitude of yachts and sailboats which as the once famous Venetian fleet decided to spend the night in the safety of the Hvar port.

The ones who wish to enjoy the sea with some physical activity will spend the day rowing in a kayak to nearby islands. Observing the view while rowing in a kayak gives you an all new perspective that cannot be experienced on any other excursion. Gravel beaches are ideal for a short break and recuperating for your way back.

Fans of windsurfing will be unable to resist the call of the wind and winks of the waves. Taming the waves will be the choice only of the bravest adrenaline junkies causing admiration from the coastal observers.


The old road connecting Hvar and Stari Grad has become a very attractive bicycle trail. Riding through fields of lavender and vineyards will get you to Vidikovac, a hill with an exceptional view of the Stari Grad bay and Stari Grad, the oldest town in Croatia, founded by the ancient Greeks in 385 BC. After enjoying the beautiful view, go down the road to Stari Grad and through the Stari Grad field, protected by UNESCO, ride to Vrboska known as ''Little Venice''.


Adventure seekers will attempt some free climbing on one of the numerous rocks and cliffs of this quite rocky island. It’s an excellent choice for those willing to take risks and test their physical and mental limits. The ones that succeed will be rewarded by the view from the top of the rock to beautiful scenery, and the craziest ones can take a cliff dive into the deep blue.

The deep blue keeps secrets of many ship wrecks on one of the most frequent ancient routes witnessed by many findings of amphoras (type of vase-shaped, usually ceramic container with two handles and a long neck narrower than the body, used to transport and store various products). The depths hide colourful see weed and corals and an amazing world of sea creatures. If you are a fan of diving and sea depths Hvar will fulfill all your expectations.

If these activities are not for you there is always the option to play tennis which, by the way, has been played in Hvar for over a hundred years or play soccer with the locals, the most popular sport in Croatia.

An active vacation will enable you to discover hidden corners of the island Hvar which would undoubtedly be left undiscovered by sipping cocktails on the Hvar Pjaca or dallying on the beach.

So be active - be Hvar!

For OH: Siniša Matković - Mikulčić (Secret Hvar DMC)

Photo: Secret Hvar & Hvar Adventure