Restaurant Đorđeta Vartal - Hvar


Đorđe Tudor

Street and house number:

Uvala križa

Postal number and town:

21450 Hvar

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Phone number:
+385 (0)21-743-077
Mobile phone:
+385 (0)91 532 0382



If you are lucky to be among the visitors of the town of Hvar, do not miss enjoyment in the richness of fine cuisine in the restaurant "Đorđota Vartal".

This especially refers to those who are not in the mood of sitting in the town square Pjaca or the restaurants along the old streets where everybody can get a close look at everyone’s plate. The name of the restaurant "Đorđota Vartal" means "George’s garden". It is situated right across the 15th century Franciscan monastery, so from the restaurant’s terrace the visitors can, apart from delicious food, enjoy in the magnificent view of this Renaissance cloister that overlooks a shady cove and the nearby olive garden.


Beside fish specialties, when in "Vartal", your most frequent choice will probably be a beefsteak, since Đorđe is known as the best cook for this meat dish among all the cooks of the island of Hvar. It is prepared in several ways. If you would like to eat something light, or to have some hors-d’oeuvre, preceding abundant main dish, we recommend you pastas, risottos or salads. The visitors just love tuna salad or Đorđe’s salad made of all season’s vegetables, cheese, prosciutto ham and olives.

"Đorđota Vartal" is the restaurant you would always like to come back again and again. Not only for its good food or a fantastic view in a quiet area of the Hvar town, but because of a relaxed atmosphere radiated by the owner and his wife, who as the parents of three children, make sure that you can also be relaxed there even if you come with your little ones.

If you would like to enjoy in good wine, don’t worry. You’ll be recommended to try the best wines produced on the island of Hvar. And it is known for the excellent wine production.

The restaurant has a capacity of 100 seating places.

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