Nautica bar Hvar ready for season 2014!

Nautica Bar Hvar - Ready for the season! Check out their latest promo video.

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Happy Hvar!

Happy Hvar is finally out!

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E! chanels show Part ON features Hvar

Famous Hollywood actress Jacqueline M. Wood is starting a new show on E! channel.
The show is called "Party On" ,and it features Hvar in its first air that is scheduled on E! on january the 16-th.
Check out her announcement on the following youtube clip!

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Hvar`s first dialect dictionary - video

Finally we can be proud of Hvar first dictionary. It is not a Hvar-English dictionary. It is a Hvar dialect dictionary and it explains the differences between standard Croatian and Hvar dialect.
Check out youtube clip and listen to some of the differences. Video is in Croatian only.

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Hvar: Dalmatian Lonuge - Hvar serenade

leisurley scroling Facebook pages we stumbled upon a wery interestig video.

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Island Hvar: Bus timetable from 02.09.2013.

The new Čazmatrans buses timetable is available on the following link.

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The explorations of Dalmatia by the Architect and Painter Sir Thomas Graham Jackson between 1882 and 1893

Hvar Heritage Museum and the British-Croatian Society cordially invite you to a lecture by Sir Nicholas Jackson

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