Charismatic Hvar presented at GAST as a quality example of an eco-ethno project

Yes, you’ve read it right.
Even though we have a reputation in public as a party destination the today presentation mentioned Hvar exclusively as a positive example of an ECO-ETHNO destination.
In his press release for Mayor Bebić said that Hvar has peaked in some segments of its offer so it is no longer necessary to point them out as such. It is exactly the village and eco-ethno tourism that imposes as the next segment of the Hvar tourist offer we should work on together.

The fact that such a diverse crowd participated at the today manifestation before Hvar  only proves the above mentioned statements. A team of people from local autonomies, tourist agencies, private entrepreneurs and most important of all organizations such as Pjover and Metropola mora. We should by no means leave out OPG Tajnikov from Velo Grablje who also delighted the visitors with their products and artwork. Finally, OPG Ivica Tomičić Tajnikov (popularly ITT) bears the marking ISLAND PRODUCT. Limoncello generously shared with the visitors also contributed to the great atmosphere.

We are well aware of Hvar cultural legacy and the potential of Hvar ECO-ETHNO villages. What we are not aware of is the fact that Hvar has so much more advantage over Croatian villages with similar potential. Not that there aren’t any, quite the contrary.  We are proud that HUMAC, Velo Grablje and Malo Grablje were included in almost every lecture, in word and picture. We are especially proud that activities by the Pjover organization were recognized and singled out as an excellent example of how to develop this segment of the tourist offer in high quality. Let us also mention that Pjover is an organization concerned with protecting and revitalizing Velo Grablje on Hvar and that maybe not even willingly they opened doors to village tourism on Hvar. We strongly encourage it and wish Pjover and other Hvar organizations lots of success in future activities.

After our video Ivan Zaninović – Grande, president of the Pjover organization, was wanted as much as Mayor Bebić himself and among other radio stations he gave a statement for our FFR.

Another thing specific to our presentation today was our approach to the matter. Instead of making a dreary slide show we were the only ones to make a film. The film which was rewarded by a resounding applause and got excellent reviews. A large number of visitors (about eighty of them) even asked to buy it on DVD. Unfortunately, because of the short time we had on our disposal to create this project and FotoFOR didn’t have the time to make an adequate product. However, on this occasion we would like to announce that together with our friendly competitors from the portal we will make another version subtitled in English. It will be available for purchase for the oncoming lavender festival in Velo Grablje at the latest. Of course, waves all profit in favour of the Pjover organization.

On this occasion we would also like to thank Paul (total-hvar) who published an article in Digital Journal and in that way helped to promote this segment of Hvar tourist offer.

Given the fact we filmed a humble amount of 400 minutes of video and in this short promotional film used only 13 we would like to announce two other films already in preparation. First one is about the history of Hvar historical theatre and then about the Pjover organization. There is so much good material to let it go to waste.

And now, finally, take a look at some photos from GAST 2012.


Igor: "Jakša, shoot this too..."                   Jakša: "Be quiet, I'm doing it already...

Friendly competition at his best:

Paul B. : "Congratulations guys, well done!''... Could I get a DVD to put on Youtube for an article?''

Igor: "No, but here's the link, it's already uploaded :-)''

For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos and video: FotoFOR



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