Fifth Puhijada – Dol – Hvar

Regardless of what you may think of the charming dormouse as a gastronomical delicacy going to Dol on the Fifth Puhijada could end up being a slightly different experience than other events which take place on our island in this period full of excitement.
These remains of the ancient dormouse hunting which tradition goes way back into the Roman times has kept in Croatia in Gorski Kotar and Lika as well some Dalmatian islands in Dol on Brač and Dol on Hvar. It was that tradition which caused the organization Tartajun from Dol (the one on Hvar) to start this unusual island fiesta in 2008 within the event to present the 3rd issue of their newsletter ‘’Tartajun’’.

We don’t know (at this point) if the team from Tartajun expected their little event to achieve popularity which spread across the borders of the island but from tomorrow August 7th till Saturday (11th) Dol is getting ready for hordes of visitors.

The program begins tomorrow by opening a tournament in boccie which will be played every afternoon with the finals being on Friday August 10th. A photo exhibition by Vilma Stojković will be opened tomorrow in evening hours in the facilities of the church of St. Ana.

Hvar folk theatre will make a guest appearance on the second day of Puhijada with a show called ‘’Stori letrat’’ performed in front of the church of St. Ana. For all those who want to see the dormouse (not only on their plates) there will a ‘’Dormouse photo session’’ to photograph the dormouse in its natural habitat. (CANCELED)

On Thursday night in the facilities of the Culture Hall Vir enologist Andro Tomić will hold a lecture ‘’How to make good wine’’ with competition of local wines (more info can be found with our collegue from Total Hvar).

After the afternoon finals of the Dol Open tournament 2012 in boccie there will be some intense jamming by groups Fundach, EPP band and Ajlend.

On Saturday, the last day of Puhijada there will be Dormouse Free climbing and in the evening the hard working team of Tartajun will present the 8th issues of ‘’Tartajun’’, the newsletter which started this whole event.

A female klapa (a capella group) Bodulke from Hvar will perform in the eve of the presentation, a circus group Nema dileme will show their acts and the group Đir from Split will warm up the guests before the star of the evening Mile Hrnić.

No, excuse me, the star of the evening will still be that little dormouse. It is the reason for all these people gathering here in the first place right?

For OH: Katija Vučetić


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