Forske užonce along with Venice connect Hvar and Dubrovnik

Forske užonce, who despite bad weather forecasts and benevolent inquiries about their sanity as well as getting direct diagnosis of excessive craziness, travelled to Dubrovnik, hapilly returned home last night, richer for some new friendships and great fun.

That would be the short version of what Vesna Jelušuć from the Forske užonce organization said for Free For Radio. Their members took part in the opening program of Dubrovnik Carnival Fest. Bad weather got in the way of both the organizers and their guests, some planned events have been postponed, but the brave Forke (Hvar women) got a special commendation and thanks from the host since out of eight groups who conformed their arrival only three actually came – from Župa dubrovačka, Kotor and Hvar.

Local media also wrote about the events, and photographs witness to the effort of costumed participants despite all the bad weather conditions. According to Vesna, besides great fun, Forske užonce arranged for a return visit in Hvar somewhere at the start of the tourist season. More of their time in Dubrovnik can be heard on the recording below.

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