Just an ordinary day in Jelsa

March 28th, noon, pleasant 25 degrees, good company, Jelsa.
We went to close a few deals, arrange this and that…
Jelsa peaceful, two tourists (there are some) taking photos next to the map. In short sleeves, of course, with a smile on their face.

The sound of waves breaking on the Jelsa shore is interrupted by noise from a bulldozer. There is work in progress, preparations for the oncoming season. There are pipes to be fixed.

And then, ‘’quietly’’ as only the locals can say we heard: ‘’Hello there Otok, what brings you to Jelsa!?’’

Mario, our local ‘’Tiger’’, employee of Hvar Water Supply and of the founders of LAG joined us and politely invited us for some coffee. And we never say no to a good cup of coffee.

He told us everything! Work in the park is completed, riva is being finished, although it won’t be done for the famous procession ‘’ZA KRIŽEM’’ (FOLLOWING THE CROSS), library is at final stages of completion… We’ll talk more about it when time comes. We owe you a few words about the Hvar library as well. It will come.

Coffee on the town square. Pleasant conversation in pleasant company. Almost as being home, in Hvar. We know almost all of the passersby : president of the Jelsa Tourist Office, Frenki (a star from total-hvar), a well-known Englisman (crazy about chard), Ivana Krstulović Carić (Carić Wines) and some less known citizens of Jelsa. And off course, the two guests from the beginning of our story.

Must there on March 28th, on such a beautiful spring day be only two obvious guests in Jelsa and do we really have to recognize everyone on riva, I really don’t know, but I believe that one of the steps to a better future is LAG (Local Action Group), recently founded on the island. Talking to Mario Vranković and Adela Golub (Dalmatica Viva) we got briefed on the current workshops. Under the text you can find a link to a memo from Adela Golub explaining what LAG is and why it was founded.

Also, we would like to use this occasion to invite all the entrepreneurs   from the island, as well as people with ideas to join this initiative and in that way help to make a development strategy. For the island of Hvar, its sons and daughters in law, for tourists and Jelsa, Stari Grad, Hvar and Sućuraj so that there is always demand for an extra place on their riva, pjaca or town square.

For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos: FotoFOR


Memo LAG


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