Thomas Muster – speedboat problems in the Hvar harbour

The fastest lens on the Adriatic (FotoFOR) noticed a commotion in the Hvar harbour. The famous (retired) Austrian tennis player Thomas Muster got stuck with his rubber speedboat.
Quite unstable weather, with lots of waves caused a minor accident where the famous tennis player brushed against the Hvar shore.
One of the tubes of his rubber speedboat got damaged and it started deflating.

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Festivities of St. Juraj – the beginning of summer in Brusje

Brusje celebrated festivities of St. Juraj and brought life to this village less than five kilometers away from Hvar.

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Island Hvar - Summer patrol

The season is starting and the first tourists are here, and our FotoFOR has awakened from its winter hibernation and is patrolling the streets of the island.

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Hvar: Foto For and a photo session!

Our reporter Jakša Kuzmičić got some serious competition!
Used to having his photos circulate on various portals and written media, fascinated by a number of tourists with a camera, he sent us a couple (out of many) photos where he ‘’caught’’ his competition in action.

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Processions have departed

At 10 pm the ‘’Following the Cross’’ procession has started from 6 villages on Hvar.

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Will the tourist season of 2012 be a record one!?

Restaurant Gariful at the Hvar riva, right next to the popular Carpe Diem is known as one of the leading fish restaurants. Tonight, in the middle of preparations for the formal opening tomorrow, April 2nd, we are witnesses to an interesting occurance.

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First phase of Pjover organization Community Hall remodeling successfully completed

Pjover organization has finished first out of a number of planned work activities.

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Catamaran lines still on hold, problems also in ferry boat traffic

As expected, again today all catamaran lines in our area are on hold. Adriana is on Lastovo since yesterday, Krilo is still in Korčula, and the catamaran from Vis is still in the port. Catamaran for Jelsa and Bol is docked in Split since yesterday.

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