Grande o GAST-u na radiju Free For: pohvale i oduševljenje za prezentaciju projekta etno-eko sela

Vijesti iz prve ruke - javljanje uživo iz Splita za radio Free For: predsjednik Udruge Pjover Ivan Zaninović Grande o prezentaciji projekta etno-eko sela na stručnom skupu održanom jutros u okviru sajma GAST.

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"Mreža za brda i otoke" doplovila do Hvara

Prošloga četvrtka Hrvatska udruga paraplegičara i tetraplegičara održala je u Hvaru radionice i okrugli stol.

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Hvarski heroji

Članak OH na temu imenovanja Vlade Štencla za počasnog presjednika RK Hvar izazvao je rekaciju Prošpera Zaninovića, koji je osjetio nagon da uz legendarnog Vladu spomene i neke hvarske legende. Tekst prenosimo integralno.
Više u nastavku.

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Another top 10 chart – Hvar number 7

Here's Hvar once again on top charts of the best world islands. This time Yahoo! made the chart which is about the undiscovered dream islands, as reported by portal. In a world wide competition Hvar made it to number 7.

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Pjover, almost there...

Here is a report from the Pjover organization.

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Enological and gastronomical delicacies from Hvar at the Arena, with lamb being prepared at Komin!

Đoko where are you!?
''Where could we be!? Having some lamb of course!'' This is what Đorđe Tudor said for OH, the owner and head chef of the Hvar restaurant ''Đorđeta vartal''. Not in the least surprised by his answer, as well with the fact that the lunch was organized by Mate Jeličić, the owner of the restaurant ''Bacchus'' I continued with my questions. Of course, after learning about the menu that the Hvar team prepared. (Rooster soup, cooked meat and naturally, the lamb)
What are your impressions?
Oh, it was fantastic, said Đorđe. People were satisfied with what was offered and the food was served on a mutual hot/cold buffet. No distinction was being made among restaurants. We presented Hvar all together, Hvar food, and wine from our wine makers.

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Women, sea and wine opened up the hearts of poetry readers and the audience at the Hvar tavern Luvija

After a well-received first night of poetry dedicated to women, sea and wine, held last year at the tavern Luvija, another such night was hosted in the same place yesterday, on the last day of the carnival.

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Hvar Red Cross for the children in Klajićeva street, Krijesnice and the Ana Rukavina Foundation

The toy donation drive for children in treatment at the Children's Illness Clinic in Klajićeva, Zagreb at the Hvar Red Cross connected and marked two important dates – Feb. 14th, Valentine's Day and the international and national day for children suffering from malignant diseases Feb. 15th.

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Thanks to Bebić and Gariful, Franjo Opačak is coming to Hvar

The text published in Glas Slavonije, about the young Franjo Opačak, world champion in a homeless shelter has inspired many to offer their help. The desire to help the young man, whose difficult life story was published in almost every Croatian media also came over the mayor of Hvar Pjerino Bebić, known for being ready to answer similar cries for help of those in need.

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Pjover back in action!

The Pjover organization from Velo Grablje, Hvar once again on the front page of the portal.
Again the news is positive. And as we got used to in the past, when they are in question there is some action going on!

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