As every year the Day of the Sick is marked with a meaningful event.This year it was marked by presenting a hospital bed to the representative of the Hvar Red Cross, director Marija Budrović. The bed was purchased by funds donated by the Hvar Secondary school gathered through charity selling exhibitions of youth, organized several times in the previous year. Since most of the inhabitants of the island is elderly, hospital beds are in highest demand in the Red Cross. Furthermore, this noble gesture was praised by don Mili Plenković, parish priest who was actively involved in organizing the events. Motto of the day was to thank all those taking care of the sick: health, religious and social workers, and volunteers and activists of the Red Cross.

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Forske užonce along with Venice connect Hvar and Dubrovnik

Forske užonce, who despite bad weather forecasts and benevolent inquiries about their sanity as well as getting direct diagnosis of excessive craziness, travelled to Dubrovnik, hapilly returned home last night, richer for some new friendships and great fun.

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Island under the eye - weekly overview by PP Hvar

Another weekly overview by the Hvar police in the Free For Radio program.

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Ana as all of us had many roles in her life, she loved her job and used the power of the written word with joy in order to share her beliefs with the public and to divert attention to important matters but she never liked talking about herself.

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THE SKY ITSELF CRIED – story of the Hvar holy Cross

On this date for 502 years the inhabitants of Hvar mark an event when a small crucifix cried in blood over the intolerance of commoners and nobles.

In the first days of February of 1510 a strong, heavy winter 'jugo' (southern wind) was blowing. And then on Feb 6th the sky went dark and a strong rain poured, lasting all day long. Around 7pm the ground shook three times and the roof of the church of Anuncijata in Burka collapsed.
Somewhere around that time, in a house behind Anuncijata the granddaughter of a marine admiral Nikola Bevilaqua was collecting her laundry and went on to dust the room. She took a small, wooden crucifix and decided to clean it when she noticed something strange. Thick, red liquid was dripping from the crucifix. She asked her mother and grandfather who concluded that the paint probably melted due to humidity, but they got a neighbour over, a local painter who could determine precisely what was happening. The painter – Stjepan Vitaljić was his name – said it wasn't paint dripping from the crucifix but real blood.

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Island under the eye – weekly overview by PP Hvar

How our island drivers dealt with the snow, what were the roads like this morning, overview of last week and an announcement for police activities in traffic – all that in the weekly overview of activities of PP Hvar in conversation with the police commissioner Ivko Gavranić.

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The island of Hvar, organization of island entrepreneurs and employees in tourism. Better quality, longer tourist season? Dreams or reality?

Recently one of our readers, on our FB profile, said that reading the articles on seems like there is something actually happenening on Hvar. We answered that she is correct and that our task is to provide the information to locals and guests. So, Friday, Feb 3rd, 2012 something has happened and today we will try and describe a part of the atmosphere and our impressions from yesterday's work breakfast at the Riva hotel.

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Croatian Red Cross is organizing a toy donation drive for the oncology hospital for children from Kljajićeva street in Zagreb

Croatian Red Cross is organizing a toy donation drive for the oncology hospital for children from Kljajićeva street in Zagreb. Since from various sources we are informed that those little heroes, suffering from a range of malignant diseases, are lacking toys we thought that Valentine's Day is the right moment for this drive.
We ask of schools and kindergartens that their teachers take some time and help raise toys (no stuffed animals) within their possibilities. We believe that a few boxes from each school is enough, and distribution is yet to be arranged.

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Damage to the Vorba park – an insignificant crime

The town of Stari Grad has in July 2011 filed criminal charges against two juveniles for damaging other people's property. Last year, two juveniles (information known) have damaged several fixtures of public lighting in the town park ''Vorba''. Recently a notice was delivered from the County district attorney notifying the town that they have dismissed the charges ''since the reported crime is insignificant (article 28 Criminal Law). Further along the notice reads: ''Analyzing the results of the investigation we have determined that the juveniles in question (information known) have committed the crime but considering their personal and family conditions, givwen the fact they had no criminal record I believe that act is insignificant considering how it was performed, the degree of guilt and the actual consequences for the protected goods and the legal system.

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Special thanks to all blood donors on their humane act

Two blood donation drives were held yesterday and today organized by the Hvar Red cross. Read the report of the director Maja Budrović..

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