Happy Hvar!

Happy Hvar is finally out!

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Battle at the Hvar square

It came as a surprise to many when deafening gun fire and the brisk sound of steel blades echoed in an otherwise peaceful summer night in Hvar. But those who happened to be in front of the town Loggia on Tuesday around 9 pm knew the answer to the question where the sounds were coming from, sounds which stopped echoing this town over a hundred years ago.

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Levonda blues

Na zahtjev prijatelja iz Grada Stari Grada prenosimo vijest sa njihovog portala.

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Baletni studio Hvar na proslavi sv. Prošpera

Baletni studio Hvar nastupio je popodne na hvarskoj Pjaci.
Sama činjenica da njegovo dijete pleše u sklopu bilo koje plesne skupine roditelju je dovoljna da roditelj bude veseo i dobro raspoložen.

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La Troya, lagano, bez nervoze i treme!

Tek što smo se uspjeli prestati zadovoljno smješkati zbog energičnog nastupa Jabba o Kies-a, mladi dečki iz hvarskog banda La Troya popeli su se na stage.

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Jabbawockeez, mlade hvarske rockerice, praše ko velike

Mlade hvarske rockerice su se popodne oko 16 sati popele na binu ispred poznate "tri skaline" i krenule prašiti.
Lujdi su se počeli okupljati i u čudu raspitivati "koje su ovo i koji je ovo moli na bubanj!?"

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Svirče – Kokošora: peace, love and the good old rock’n’roll!

Besides the terrible war Croatia was struck by another adversity in the 90s. The popular CRO DANCE was dominating the Croatian music scene so we witnessed many one hit ‘’singers’’. It must have been a miracle that Hvar at the time listened mostly to Bob Marley and reggae music in general. Of course, there were always those fascinated by different Senna Ms and IBs (Cro dance performers) but luckily those obsessions were pretty short.
Reggae movement took stride on Hvar in the 90s, mostly thanks to our Porin winning Stjepan Barišić (GEGO), enjoyed by the ‘natives’ as well as our guests who visited even in those times of war. We should mention the bands that performed and played live on Hvar in the 90s: Band Zvir, Aloha Big Band, Tranfostation Band, Piranha Band and other smaller bands.

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Romans win at the Hvar Carnival

Last day of the carnival organized by Forske užonce, according to the organizer has gathered more groups than last year. Guests arrived from Sv. Nedjelja and Zavala, with the traditional performance of the Hvar elementary school from 1st till 6th grade. The Master of ceremony was Ivan Zaninović Grande and best costumes were chosen by the jury consisting of Mira Petričević, Katica Vučetić and Miko Bibić Žiže.

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Avatars – best costume of the NK Hvar veteran White Night

Costumed White Night of the NK Hvar veterans attracted quite a number of citizens of Hvar last night in Dele who were in the mood for this kind of entertainment.

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