Children’s Carnival in Hvar – Vanđela Božitković kindergarten

Bumblebees, butterflies and other little bugs were hopping around the Hvar Pjaca today! Children from the Vanđela Božitković kindergarten were having fun. And so were the parents watching their children happily hop around the stage.

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DJ Vice Vicious from Hvar in his attempt at the world scene

A young 24-year-old Visko Visković from Hvar, known to the club scene as DJ Vice Vicious, has recently for the second time visited Canada where he is to hold a short tour.
As previously agreed, the Hvar DJ has answered an e-mail interview by our Jakša Kuzmičić – Foto For.
• How would you describe your performance at the Bloke & 4th club in Toronto?
Playing at Bloke & 4th has been one of the best gigs in my career so far. Before all because of the intense contact with the crowd, and passion and energy which unrolled from start to finish of my performance. I should also mention my last tour in Canada, in April 2011 in three cities (Montreal, Toronto, Calgary) which was by no means any less intense in atmosphere than the before mentioned club since it was an amazing experience.

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