Missing on Hvar, without a single mention of the island!

A few scenes from the American show Missing, produced by ABC, were shot on Hvar last year. Ashley Judd strolled through Hvar Riva and Pjaca. Well done Ashley!
Today, a year after the shooting media is writing about an episode of Missing being made on Hvar and how it is an excellent promotion of Hvar.

I disagree!

Hvar isn’t mentioned anywhere in the show. It says ‘’somewhere on the Mediterranean’’, and scenes from Hvar are used as a double for the Italian town of Ravello. Those few scenes shot in Hvar promote in fact Italy, if you can call that promotion. And we are being happy and proud about Ashley Judd visiting Hvar and how the ‘’Hvar episode’’ is an excellent promotion of Hvar. What promotion?! As long as the local and less local media keep writing about it as great news for Hvar for this and that reason. This is something like the situation from a few days ago when the top story of Hvar was one year old because someone, hooray for them, learned how to use copy and paste on their PC.

There isn’t a single metion of Hvar in that show.

But fine, a Hollywood star visited Hvar. They’ll be talking about us and more will come. Or not…

She’s a vegan and hasn’t visited a single Hvar restaurant, didn’t even have a cup of coffee here, they brought everything with them, she didn’t have a swim either or visited any of the historical landmarks. It is also questionable if they paid for the use of public surfaces and other fees as a result of their occupation of Riva, Arsenal and other parts of Hvar in May of 2011.

Maybe willingly we let it slide when they blocked the streets of Hvar and didn’t allow for example a group of French tourists to reach the Franciscan monastery and pay for tickets on their tourist route they also paid for. Is that good promotion for us!?

Even though us locals, watching the show can tell it was shot on Hvar but an average viewer will see the fascinating Hvar Pjaca in front of which it will say Ravello.

Taking photos was forbidden during filming and security guards tried to stop reporters from getting a few pictures. Luckily, our FotoFOR managed to get some, and you can find them HERE. She hasn’t given a single interview about Hvar to Hvar media and probably not even to Croatian or foreign media.

This is how we are being portrayed:

·         When they mention us in relation to something bad and write about Hvar in a negative context, they say HVAR for everyone to see without thinking about how it will reflect on Hvar tourism.

·         Hvar resources, natural and cultural beauties are used without mentioning Hvar. Then we promote, as in this case, Italian Ravello.

·         Various local and foreign reporters, if you can call them that, will write a story about how filming an episode of Missing is a great promotion of Hvar and not even knowingly doing us a massive favour since Hvar isn’t mentioned anywhere in the show.

But fine, the text which is probably going to be published on the web at some point has all the right key words (Hvar, America, Hollywood, Ashley Judd…).

Thanks for nothing.

For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos: Jakša Kuzmičić – FotoFOR


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