Oh yes, The Guardian did write about Hvar, but it was last year!

It’s good news when Croatian islands are put on top charts.

It’s just as good news when Hvar is placed on them as well.

And then, that good news is wholeheartedly copied and pasted , shared, linked and liked and we are all really happy and cheerful about it, spreading the joy (except for the regular whiners who don’t think it’s that great that Hvar is only good for partying, but that is material for another story).

So news from last week, published at www.net.hr about the distinguished Guardian writing about Croatia and making a chart of our top islands was received with lots of enthusiasm. According to them Vis is for the romantic, Korčula for those interested in culture, Mali Lošinj is ideal for relaxation and Hvar is inevitable when talking about the nightlife.

Everything would be ideal and promising if there wasn’t for a mistake at the very beginning of the story: yes, The Guardian did write about Croatia, but it was last year (thank you Siniša!). The text, which was originally brought by Croatian internet portals and then reported by  the important world media was published on August 19th, 2011. We’re glad that our two island media, otok-hvar.com portal and the Free For Radio bring the news as it should be reported , a good but old news.

For OH: Katija Vučetić

Photos: FotoFOR


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