Rico from Hvar rocked the Dreft Fashion Week

Even though we usually don’t write about events we haven’t visited personally, this time we can’t miss the opportunity to praise accomplishments of one of our young citizens.

Since an early age Toni Carić Rico has been creating excitement among the citizens of Hvar with his imaginative and well thought costumes that he and his group of friends wore during the Hvar Carnival. I am sure that the citizens of Hvar remember Tony’s butterflies he made (if we’re not mistaken) while he was still in high school.

We are not surprised with the success of this young designer who recently graduated with an A+ from the Zagreb University of Textiles and Technology.

His graduate thesis, inspired by the death if his grandma Anka Carić, entitled ‘’Collection for sad moments’’, shocked and excited the audience at DFW.

This young fan of Doris Dragović is known for his different approach to organizing fashion shows and at the DFW ‘’he was expected to hang from a chandelier’’. Again he managed to surprise everyone and today the media is buzzing about an unexpected show from the young designer from Hvar.

In the media Toni Rico is always mentioned as the young fashion designer from Hvar. And even though he will not always be young he will always be from Hvar and therefore he deserves a few lines of text on this Hvar portal.

Well done Toni!

Here is what some of the media wrote about Toni’s collection:


For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos: taken from La couture


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