Special thanks to all blood donors on their humane act

Two blood donation drives were held yesterday and today organized by the Hvar Red cross. Read the report of the director Maja Budrović..

Two blood donation drives organized by the Hvar Red cross were held in the first cycle. First drive in Stari Grad held on Monday Jan 30th attracted 75 blood donors of which 53 successfully donated blood and 23 were turned down for health reasons. Four new precious blood donors joined. A thank you meal was served in Stari mlin whose delicious treats are enjoyed for a few years now. We would also like to extend our thanks to the Stari Grad elementary school that hosted the event.
Hvar followed one day later, and the drive was organized in the Fire brigade home in an inspiring atmosphere since the ambient suits the donors and makes them feel at home. Dilligent activists made it so that nothing was lacking and a delicious stew was prepared by Stevo, another blood donor who the participants have reserved for the future to ensure an excellent lunch. 78 people took part in the Hvar drive while 56 of them gave their blood. Also a large number was denied, with 4 new donors.
We would also like to thank the Hvar-Jelsa secondary school for instructing their students who are of age, we regret so little of them were able to donate.
Another curiosity to point out from this Hvar event. We especially need to give praise to Joško Kodžoman, sponsor of the show ''Humanitarian'', a year long blood donor himself. It wouldn't be that special if he wasn't denied almost every time due to high blood pressure. However, he doesn't give up until his pressure settles, once he came 4 days in a row until he was able to donate. That is a real example of faithful and determined donors who can serve as an example to us all.

Hvar Red cross

Maja Budrović



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