Thomas Muster – speedboat problems in the Hvar harbour

The fastest lens on the Adriatic (FotoFOR) noticed a commotion in the Hvar harbour. The famous (retired) Austrian tennis player Thomas Muster got stuck with his rubber speedboat.
Quite unstable weather, with lots of waves caused a minor accident where the famous tennis player brushed against the Hvar shore.
One of the tubes of his rubber speedboat got damaged and it started deflating.

Kind staff of the Hvar Nautical Center quickly came to help. Harbour Office, Division Hvar also joined in. There was no pollution and nobody was injured.

Thanks to the speedy reaction by Hvar sea wolves the case went with no panic and everyone kept their composure.

The entire incident might have gone unnoticed if the experienced eye of our FotoFOR didn’t recognize Thomas Muster, the tennis legend.

Thomas Muster, a 45 year old tennis player from Leibnitz (Austria) is the first visitor of the world sports elite to sail into the Hvar harbor this year. The first documented visitor, to be precise.

With a successful sports career, retired two times, won Roland Garros in 1995, and now in the Hvar harbor in front of our lens.

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For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos: FotoFOR


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