Tom Cruise to be investing in reconstruction of the 400 years old Hvar theatre – Tom’s Hvar story

Yes! It would be great if it were true. Unfortunately, it isn’t, just like many other things written on Croatian news portals and newspapers are untrue.
The famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has indeed spent about 48 hours on Hvar. He had a drink in café Pjaca, dinner in pizzeria Kogo, talked and took photos with some citizens of Hvar and their guests, he talked to mayor Bebić, boarded the yacht he came on and left on his way.
There, that’s what happened. Unfortunately, that is not the story which sells newspapers.

Reading some newspapers and portals it seems as if the man decided to invest some serious money in Hvar and Croatia and had four dinners in one night. Now there’s a story!

If he happened to stay on Hvar another day there would probably be news of him falling in love with a poor girl goat herding on top of St. Mikula and that will bring a team of construction workers to finish the remodeling of the theatre where he and his crew would then party with music from Ivo Tudor Broje (Restaurant Casablanca where he didn’t have dinner) have Ivan Gospodnetić’s quality fish (restaurant Gariful which fish and lobsters he didn’t order) and crowned by a deconstruction of the Hvar gregada by Marko Gajski and Nastasja Fišter (restaurant DiVino where he also didn’t have dinner). Of course, we can’t forget about the mayor delivering keys of the city to our actor with ‘’Škatula za sne’’ by Marjan Ban playing in the background (surprise guest Gego).

Not to be too preachy let’s point to some of our previous articles where we talked about celebrities on Hvar and newspapers which mention Hvar and leave out portals and press which made such a trilogy out of the actor’s 2 day vacation, we would call this…  Still, we are going to refrain ourselves, just like we won’t name a certain paparazzo who made up a story that Leonardo Di Caprio is coming to shake off the competition and get the chance to be the only one to chase Cruise, who really needed no chasing.

Question: Do you think that these titles and stories which have nothing to do with what really happened are what the local media uses even for things that are really important?!

But fine! We have to admit there’s one positive thing we can think off surrounding this fairytale we’ve been reading for the past few days.

When we started this portal it was our wish to become a virtual Hvar square which would launch the Hvar voice into the world. Today, ten months later we no longer small or new and our/your voice is heard and read far far away.

From the perspective of the only original Hvar portal with the obligation to communicate the Hvar voice into the world we owe you (once again) the report about the visit from this likeable and extremely patient actor. Without the blood, sex, alcohol, sects… just the way he was.

Tom Cruise arrivied on Hvar from the night of August 31st to September 1st. He quite normally strolled around Hvar and kindly took pictures with everyone who asked, including Nastasja, Ana and Vedran. ON the same night he had a drink at café Pjaca (it doesn’t matter what he had or how much he paid for it). He retired to his yacht (it doesn’t matter what the name is or the owner). The next day, (September 1st) he sailed around Pakleni otoci. He also had dinner at pizzeria Kogo (the oldest pizza place in town) after which he talked to the mayor Bebić in an alley between restaurants Casablanca (where he didn’t have dinner) and the Hvar theatre (he is not investing in). The mayor told him about our celebration of 400 years of the Hvar theatre. According to the mayor Tom was impressed with the theatre, the story of Ivan Vučetić and other details from the rich history of Hvar he managed to tell in 15 minutes which is the time they spent together. He said: ‘’I’ll be back’’. The actor then head for his yacht and sailed towards a predetermined route.

He didn’t eat at Casablanca, he didn’t eat at DiVino, he didn’t order lobsters and quality fish at restaurant Gariful, he didn’t give statements. We talked to the owners and all of them heard about it from the media.

We hope that Cruise truly liked Hvar and that he didn’t read the nonsense written about his Hvar visit and that someday he will visit again instead of saying (like one of our English friend did): ‘’Fuckin’ Croats!’’.

For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos: Archives of FotoFOR


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