Winners of Zavaldina, Zavala – Hvar

Last week we reported about Zavaldina.
In Zavala, on the island of Hvar, for the tenth year in a row there has been a wine tasting event of local wine from Zavala.

Thanks to our reader Natalie – Ann Lučić this year we report of the tasting of Zavala white and red wines.

Said and done! As we announced in our previous article today we bring the results of the competition and invite you to support this tradition by visiting next year.

  • Nikica Marjan (second place for white wine) – first on the left
  • Marina Jakas in the name of her father Marinko (first place for red wine) – second on the left, only lady in the picture
  • Dunko Marjan in the name of the absent Filip Kordić (first place for white wine) – third on the left
  • Đuro Caratan - organizer               


For OH: Igor Kolumbić

Photos and info: Natalie - Ann Lučić


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