Zavala – Hvar: In vino veritas

Here’s some fresh news from Zavala!
This text was emailed to us by one of our readers from Zavala and since it is dealing mostly with wine we decided not to ‘’burden’’ you by giving you the whole story of Zavala. There’s plenty of time for that!
While waiting for results and photos from the event here is a text by our reader Natalie-Ann Lucic.

Again this year, in its 10th anniversary, there will be a wine tasting event of red and white wines that come exclusively from our taverns in Zavala.

Best wine makers will be awarded prizes and wines will be rated by experts from the fields of enology and winemaking.

The event has been consolidated under the name of ‘’ZAVALDINA’’, the founder and organizer of the event is Mr. Đuro Caratan.

‘’Zavaldina’’ lasts for two days.

Tasting and rating of the finest red wines was held at March 23rd and on March 24th there was tasting and rating of white wines.

Winners were announced and prizes awarded alongside a formal banquet of appetizing delicacies prepared by the local women.

This is somewhat of a preparation and introduction into the oncoming tourist season, the possibility to rate what we offer to our guests…

I should mention main sponsors of the event: Jelsa Municipality and Jelsa Tourist Office who always support our events.

For OH:

From Zavala, respectfully, Natalie-Ann Lucic

Photos: from the archives of FotoFOR


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